“10 % Happier”, By Dan Harris Book Reviews

“10 % Happier:How I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge and found self help that actually works (A true story) is by Dan Harris who is an ABC news anchor and host on shows such as Good Morning America and Nightline. Not having ever seen either of these shows I did not know who this guy was and a fiend passed on a copy of the book. I’m a pretty happy person overall but I figured it was worth a read, there might be something good in there.


When I started reading the book which details his early career at ABC I wasn’t terribly engaged. I have zero interest in mainstream media or the ins and outs of being a news correspondent, I also initially found him to come across a bit puffed up and slightly douchey. I put the book down in favor of something else thinking it held nothing for me. I picked it back up again after seeing the author interviewed in the movie “The Minimalists” and I am glad I did.


The author goes through a bit of a self help/ seeking journey which is set within his role as the faith and religion reporter for the network. He has access to all kinds of self professed, commercial gurus such as Depak Chopra and it makes for a fascinating read. He does eventually land on meditation and at one point goes to a 10 day silent vipassana retreat and has an experience that in many ways mirrors my own (that’s a whole other story of torture….). He presents a frank picture of his journey while maintaining the perspective of a skeptical reporter.


Would I recommend ? Yes, I did find the beginning a little tedious but was totally sucked in after and read the majority of the book in a day. I’m even going to try meditation again……

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