“I don’t care about your band” by Julie Kossner Book Reviews

“I don’t care about your band” by Julie Kossner is one of the new genre of books I’ve read of a few of lately, memoirs written by female comediennes. What would someone who is barely 30 have to write in a memoir you ask? Mostly, stories about all the dudes she hooked up with and the ensuing painful communications. There’s definitely some funny bits but also a lot of cringeworthy moments where I happened to wonder if she had given any thought to the possibility that her future children might read this book and how grossed out they will be … But maybe that’s just me.



Would I recommend? If you want to feel better about your youthful sexual escapades this will probably do the trick – or if you enjoy a little schadenfreude. Otherwise stick with better reads in this genre by Jenny Lawson, Tina Fey, Caitlin Moran etc

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