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Well now that i’m back from fulfilling one career aspiration (living in the tropics and diving every day) i’m moving on to  another one – being a creative entrepreneur. When you don’t have kids at home all of a sudden there’s time to do all the things – work, leisure AND creativity! Imagine!

I’ve always been pretty crafty but until now haven’t found a medium that I have meshed with like metalsmithing. A somewhat frustrating and expensive media to learn but I am so engaged with it that I’ll look up from something and hours and hours have passed – I believe some call this ‘flow’. I really enjoy it – even days when I screw up and accidentally melt something I’ve just spent 2 hours making into a little crusty ingot (ahem not paying attention/rushing) I can still call it a lesson and try and think of something interesting to do with the scrap metal….. Days when things all go well and all my experiments work are downright joyful. I enjoy the creative process, it’s the selling part that is looming and scary.

I think putting your art out there for sale is incredibly brave. I have always pretty much been too scared to do so as I have (and still very much do) have that fear akin to having a party that you think no one will come to. Will anyone buy this? I like it but what if my taste is terrible? Etc etc, the voices of self criticism and doubt niggle constantly. As an aside, thank you to all those friends who have liked and complemented my stuff on Facebook and Instagram, it has truly boosted my confidence to keep creating. Also, i’m using things like number of likes to see which styles mesh better with my peeps.

I am currently working on creating enough inventory that I can take those next steps whatever they may be. Im thinking of creating an Etsy store if I can be patient enough to look at an online shopping platform for more than 2 minutes (I loathe online shopping). I did just build a couple of cool little driftwood display cases so I am market ready if I decide to go that way. The thought of markets does still seem a bit intimidating so perhaps a little wine a cheese with a couple of other home creators is in the cards (baby steps). I mean who doesn’t like get liquored up with their friends and buying stuff without having to leave the comfort of the chair they are currently occupying?


Curious on what I do all day that’s so fun? Check instagram  (yes im new at this) cosmic___hobo  (thats 3 underscores….)



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