Adventures of the Cosmic Hobo

The Bay and the Valley Travel

San Francisco is a city that must be visited at some point in one’s life. Even people who don’t love big cities (me) will enjoy the feeling this city oozes that there’s always stuff happening here – and there is. From comedy, music, art or theatre to the riveting people watching made available by the richly diverse populous – even the public transit is interesting....

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Pyramid lake at sunrise Travel

We last left you in Portland and now have several more adventures under our belts. Woody (our camper) crapped out in the middle of the highway near Bend, Oregon and seemed to only want to drive for 3 hrs at a time before needing exactly 20 mins of rest time. We got a new fuel filter in Reno and reaped the benefits of the rental...

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Hobolandia Travel

No more pretending- we’re now officially on the road. After a few initial fails such as not booking the ferry and encountering the vicious derby that is getting a camp spot on the Olympic peninsula in August, I am happy to report we are now finding our stride. We have done important things like: Gone grocery shopping (each day I get better at putting stuff...

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We must be prepared… all the things! Travel

“You need to back out of Canadian Tire right now” I say to Mike over the phone. I can feel his eyes-glazed-over dazed state through the phone as he seriously asks me if he should buy this bodum that “would be perfect for our trip!!” Did I mention we have 3 bodums and a portable espresso maker? Yah…. Is there some sort of primal boy...

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